What is new in Shimbi Invoice?

  • April


    Invoice without a due date.

    Now you can generate an invoice without any due date. The "Non" option is added in the Payment Terms dropdown while creating the new invoice and recurring invoice. In such a case, no reminder will go to your client.

    Attention To

    Sometimes, your invoice is meant for some specific department in a bigger organization; in such case, you wish to add special Attention to one particular person in the organization. This is now possible while you create an invoice or recurring invoice.

  • Dec


    Introducing Proforma Invoice in Shimbi Invoice.

    Today we are introducing Proforma Invoice in Shimbi Invoice. Creating Proforma Invoice is simple one step process in Shimbi Invoice.
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  • Nov


    Customer PAN Number (India Version)

    Now you can update Customer PAN Number under customer profile, which will be displayed on an estimate, invoice, and receipt.
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  • August


    New email alert

    Now email alerts go to the client on making invoices void or un-void.
    This feature is useful to avoid any confusion and error in client-side bookkeeping.
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    Invoice Number

    You can now include Financial Year in Estimate, Invoice, Payment Receipts and Expenses. Example INV201900004 or INV192000004
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  • July


    Units Master

    Unit master is now available with default 45 measurement units preloaded with their standard codes. You can add more as per your business requirements.
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    Importing Customer Contacts

    In Shimbi Invoice, now you have the option to import customer list from your computer to speed up the data collection process.
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    Notification is here!

    Notification bell notifies you about new features added to the product. When you log in to your Shimbi Invoice, you can see Notification Bell icon on the top right. Notification Bell will inform you when new features added to the product, how they work, and what is the impact on your current settings or workflow.