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Grow your business faster than before by effectively managing customer relationships. Exceed your customer expectations and enhancing their experience with you.

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Convert leads into potential buyers through efficient communication and nurturing.

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Distribute leads automatically and intelligently to accelerate your sales.

Build Relationships

Know everything you need to know about your customer from a single page. Build a relation that goes beyond single transaction.

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Effortlessly stay organised and grow your business.

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No installation. No maintenance. It simply works.

Mikan CRM is for you.

Focus on capturing and nurturing leads, increasing revenue, and exceeding your customers’ expectations, all with Mikan CRM.


Freelance Translator

"After Shimbi Invoice, I recently started using Mikan CRM, for tracking and managing all my translation leads. It's so easy to use. Now I don't lose any enquiries, and business shoots up to 34%."


Indo-Japan Business Council

"We are a small non-profit organisation, so we need CRM which is cost effective easy to use and simple to deploy, all these we found in Mikan CRM. Now we use it to track all membership enquiries, support members and nurture our relationship with them."


Web Hosting & Domain

"Mikan CRM has allowed us to track, manage, and organise our sales pipeline most efficiently than we ever thought possible."


Vishnu Vardhan Hospitality

"Mikan CRM is perfect for a small business like us. It lets us manage new leads and helps us staying on top of when it's time to reconnect with past clients. In particular, we use the task function for follow-up reminders, whether it's for things we need to do or when it's time to gently 'remind' clients they need to do."

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Experience the leading customer relationship managment software for yourself.

12,062,005 Leads added in last 30 days.

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