2017/07/08 Shimbi Invoice is GST-ready for India

2017/04/05 Shimbi Labs: The Story Behind Our New Logo

2016/08/12 How To Get Started With Freelance Work?

2016/02/21 You Need Budo Because Everything Starts With Website.

2016/02/02 Budo Blog: Start Telling Your Story

2015/12/25 Thanks For Another Wonderful Year!

2015/10/24 CMS Budo Calendar: Manage Events Like Never Before

2015/08/25 Photos for Budo - All New Way To Display Photos On Your Website

2015/07/14 CMS Budo: The Full-Screen Layout Is Now Available

2015/06/12 Thank You: Its ShimBi Labs 10th Anniversary

2015/04/30 Good-bye, Adobe Flash. It's Time To Move On.

2015/04/08 CMS Budo 5.1.2c Released

2015/03/23 ShimBi MyBilling 2.4 Released

2015/03/09 CMS Budo 5.1.1c Released

2015/01/09 CMS Budo 5.1c Released

2014/12/31 The World Is Full Of Wonderful People.

2014/12/11 ShimBi MyBilling 2.3 Released.

2014/11/18 Updated CMS Budo User Support Knowledge Base Is Now Available.

2014/10/30 CMS Budo 5.0.4c Released

2014/10/20 Announcing availability of 3 new domain extensions on CMS Budo platform.

2014/10/15 CMS Budo 5.0.3c Released

2014/10/11 Customer is not a product! (Our Product Philosophy)

2014/09/30 Shimbi MyBilling 2.2 released.

2014/09/23 CMS Budo 5.0.2c released.

2014/09/15 ShimBi MyBilling 2.1 released

2014/09/13 CMS Budo: We Have Already Something New For You!

2014/09/03 ShimBi Labs Unveils CMS Budo Cloud Version, the Biggest Release Since the Launch of ShimBi CMS.

2014/06/13 Celebrating 9th Anniversary Of ShimBi Labs

2014/04/01 ShimBi MyBilling Updates: 2checkout payment gateway now available

2014/03/25 MobiMike: Simple app which converts your mobile phone into a handy mike

2014/03/12 Meter Monkey, your Auto Rickshaw Buddy!

2014/02/17 AutoCop - Share your Auto Rickshaw Experience.

2013/12/24 Thanks for being awesome!

2013/09/04 Online Billing Frequently Asked Questions

2013/08/19 10 Years of ASKSiddhi!

2013/08/12 CMS Budo Ver. 4.4 is Released

2013/06/03 ShimBi MyBilling: Online Invoice App for SMEs & SMBs

2013/01/24 ShimBi Billing App. for Android

2013/01/01 New Year Message

2012/10/22 Introducing Partner Program for ShimBi CMS.

2012/07/30 Learn How to Build a Business Around ShimBi CMS Budo.

2012/06/12 ShimBi CMS Budo 4.3 Released

2012/04/02 ShimBi Labs: Year Ahead

2012/01/05 Discontinuation of Shimbi CMS 3.0

2012/01/01 New Year Message from CEO

2011/12/23 ShimBi CMS Budo 4.2 Released

2011/11/04 ShimBi CMS Budo 4.1 Released

2011/09/29 ShimBi CMS Budo Released!

2011/03/16 We Stand Strong With Japan In This Very Difficult Time

2011/01/02 Thanks and Happy New Year (Message from CEO)

2010/10/15 ShimBi Labs Conducted Training Program in Software Solution Design for Japanese Students

2010/03/31 ShimBi Labs Project Portfolio :: Movable Type Plugin Using Perl

2010/03/12 ASK4Domains :: Telescopic Pricing for Customers

2010/03/08 ShimBi Cart :: February Promotions Now Extended!

2010/03/01 ASK4Host :: Big Bargain Month Starts 1st March 2010

2010/03/01 ASK4Domains :: Reasons to celebrate this March

2010/02/08 ShimBi Cart :: February Promotions Now Live!

2010/01/05 ASK4Host :: Christmas and New Year Holiday Promotions

2009/12/02 ShimBi Labs :: Holiday Promotions are now LIVE!

2009/11/20 ShimBi Cart Ver. 1.0 (Web 2.0 based) Online Store Builder Released.

2009/10/28 ShimBi MyBlog (v 1.0) Released

2009/09/17 ShimBi Labs started its new services ShimBiz (Next step in Translation Service)

2009/08/19 ASK4Host.com introduced .CN Domains

2009/06/12 ShimBi Labs Celebrated its 4th Anniversary Today!

2009/06/12 ASK4Host launches hosting at Singapore based data center.

2009/06/03 ShimBi CMS (EN 2.3) released!

2009/03/01 Now get your website at incredibly low investment, learn more …

2009/01/19 ShimBi Labs will participate Technical Show Yokohama, 2009.

2008/12/20 ShimBi Labs started Japanese Language Training (JLT) program for its employees.

2008/12/08 ShimBi Labs developed Customer Grievances system for NWKRTC

2008/12/06 ShimBi Labs developed online test application for shubham.net

2008/11/05 ShimBi Labs Japan office opened!

2008/10/21 ShimBi Labs English-Japanese Translation Division got its own web site.

2008/10/09 ShimBi Labs New Web Site is LIVE!

2008/10/03 ShimBi Labs re-engineered school management system for Japanese client.

2008/09/26 ShimBi Labs developed SNS web site for Japanese client.

2008/08/26 ShimBi Labs Another E-commerce Web Site!

2008/07/03 ShimBi Labs Project Portfolio :: Asprova Seminar Management System

2008/06/27 ShimBi Labs is now ShimBi Computing Laboratories Private Limited.

2008/04/10 ShimBi Labs Project Portfolio :: AXE Mailing System

2008/01/09 ShimBi CMS (En2) released!

2007/12/26 Installation service for OS Commerce, PHP Nuks, and Movable Type etc...

2007/07/21 ShimBi Labs, recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary.

2007/07/04 Launch of “My project” (A Project Management System)

2007/04/06 ShimBi Labs Started - Online Billing System.

2007/03/22 ShimBi Labs Inaugurates New Facility.