At ShimBi Labs, we are equipped with skilled and experienced iPhone, iPad and Android application developers and we are capable of delivering high quality iPhone, iPad and Android Apps for your business, be it enterprise app, productivity app or utility app. Regardless of the size and nature of the Mobile application, our iOS and Android development team will build iPhone, iPad and Android apps very specific to your business objectives. Our cost effective and service oriented approach has won us our customers’ applause. 80% of our revenue comes from regular clients.



ShimBi Labs provides complete range of services required for any kind of web based application development, be it be simple web site or complex e-commerce solution or CRM/HRM applications. We can build robust and dynamic web applications based on your business needs. ShimBi Labs also work on all types of open source applications and all major PHP frame works. Just connect with one of our technology consultants and give us your business objectives along with detailed specifications and analysis of your project.



At ShimBi Labs, we help you with the complete product development life cycle using cloud as deployment platform. This includes product conceptualisation, developing proof of concepts, product design and engineering, testing and maintenance. We can Develop Applications with the latest Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) capabilities. Build Application using Software as a Service (SaaS) concepts in mind.



At ShimBi Labs, we are experienced in building scalable applications that are ready to get on the platform as a Service (PaaS). We can also help you in transforming your existing system software into cloud based applications to leverage maximum benefits of cloud based services.

Our experience includes implementing of a wide spectrum of Projects from Project Management Systems, Online Billing, Online Banking, Online Consulting, Web Mail Solutions, Client-Server Systems, to Sever Monitoring Software, Hosting Control Panel, Graphics Filters and Huge Portal Sites. Web Based Applications and Database Applications are our forte. Cost effective and Service oriented approach has won us our customers’ applause.