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Partner Program

Make money by using Budo to create your customer's website.

Millions of people worldwide choose Budo to create their websites. Start using Budo as your web publishing platform for your customer's website and start earning.

Use Budo, get paid.
Use Budo to create your clients' website and get paid every time your client renew his package. Not only that, you will also get product support, training and free updates!

Why work with us?
You want to grow your business by keeping less number of employees and maximise profit margins by delivering responsive, mobile friendly websites. Budo can play an important role; it can be your primary website development platform. Learn, How to build your profitable business around Budo? Learn more >

Why use Budo anyway?

All-in-one solution
Budo is hosted solution, it includes a domain name, web hosting and email ids, Nothing to install!

Full HTML/CSS control
Advance editor allows you to write your HTML/CSS, customise theme, upload your images and video. No programming required.

Killer built in SEO features means your client's website will always rank high in search engines such as Google. Budo is search engines’ friendly web publishing platform.

Free updates!
One more thing, With Budo you will also get free updates. It means you can expect lots of new features every week for free!

How does it work?


Apply online
Fill in our application form for consideration.


A partner manager will contact you to discuss everything and set things up.


Use Budo, get paid
Collect commission for each paid Budo package subscription.