Design & Build

No Programming

No computer programming knowledge, no problem, you can still build your online store with ease. Ninjin has been specially designed for non-techy users so anyone can open their online store and start selling online.

Personalise Your Store

Your online store, your way. You have complete control over the look and feel of your online store. Personalised it the way you want it to look. Build the online store that reflects the personality of your business.

Manage store layout

Design your store layout, customized your store's main menu, decide how many products you wish to show on home page. Add Featured products, Best selling products to the home page. Create a special section for seasonal sale and many more things you can do.


Product categories

Add unlimited product categories. Creating a product category hierarchy is easy steps. Create simple navigation to let your customer navigate quickly with multi-level product categorization.

Product pages

Ninjin product page in itself is an experience. Clean, intuitive product page display everything necessary for your customer to make a purchase. Display variants of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more. Display multiple images of your product to show it from different angles and offer zoom levels to feel the details.


Provide your customers smart product filters, let them quickly filter on specification like price range, brand, occasion, size, color, style, etc. to find that perfect product in just a few clicks.

One click, add to cart

Offer your customer the quickest way to check out with Buy Now button without requiring to signup. Make shopping experience ultimate so that next time they return to become a member of your online store.


'Wishlist' allows your customer to create a list of products which they like and may wish to buy in future. This feature is also an excellent opportunity for the store owner to offer personalized offers and discounts.

Shipping status

Notify your customers about the status and progress of their order, from dispatch till delivery, via SMS or email automatically.

Shopping cart

Simple 3 step checkout

With Ninjin powered store, your customer can experience hassle-free online shopping in just 3 simple steps. More option, let customers do a guest checkout, without entering passwords.

Free SSL Certificate

Every Nijin Powered store includes a free SSL certificate. All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the highest level of security.

Discount Coupons

Create single or multiple discount coupons for all your sales. You can even restrict discount coupons from being used for pre-discounted products.

Store Managment

Product management

Add unlimited products and variants of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more. Each variation can have its price, SKU, weight, and inventory. Also, add multiple images of your product to show it from different angles or even in different colors.

Inventory management

Effortlessly manage your online store inventory. Set available quantity for each product and its variants and automatically stop selling products when inventory runs out. Get notified via email about the products with low stock.

Customer profiles

Know your customer and their shopping habits. Maintain detailed customer information like their name, email ID, mobile, location and order history. Create customer groups based on location, preferred shopping category to offer personalized offers.

Order fulfillment

Fulfill single or multiple orders with just one click, making your daily order management a breeze. You can see the status of all your orders and filter them based on status such as received, dispatched, delivered and incomplete.


Manage you refunds with easy. Process refund of an order to the payment method used and your inventory will be updated automatically.

Email templates

You can customize email contents of your automated email alerts the way you want, and in the language you want.

User-friendly Dashboard

Ninjin powered store gets user-friendly, clean and an actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and traffic helps you make the right decisions for your business.

Manage pages

Add informative pages on your online store such as About Us, News, Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Return Policies, etc.

Import/Export to CSV/XML

Have hundreds of products to upload? No worries, you can easily upload thousands of products in minutes on our platform. All you need is to upload CSV or XML files with all the products details, and you are good to go.

Sales & Marketing

Discount codes & coupons

Ninjin has powerful coupon engine to generate a custom discount codes and customised offers. Apply them to the entire store, a category, a customer group or even specific products.

Gift Certificates

Ninjin lets you easily create Gift Certificates. Sell them online, so your customers can gift them to their loved ones or send them directly through email to your customers with the unique discount code. This way, you can send exclusive discounts to your select customers.

Social media integration

Ninjin is deeply integrated with popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Enjoy sharing and direct selling on these social Channels.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Ninjin sens you immediate notification for any abandoned cart. Never let your customer slip by without you get a chance to understand the reason behind cart abandoned. You can also set customized email or notification for dropped carts and add a special discount to entice your customers.

Product Reviews

All your customer to write product review and rating to products. This will help you to boost the confidence and trust with social proof with your new buyers. Of course, you have control over spammers and bad guys.

Email marketing

Send personalized and targeted emails to your store members on special occasions and festivals to boost your sales. We offer several initiative methods to send promotional emails.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Encourage more sales on your store by showing the Hot Seller Products, Latest Products, Related Products, discounted Product or Upsell Alert, using Ninjin intelligent sells engine.

Daily Deals

Setup different daily deals and share the same your store and various social media channels. Set a timer showing time left to avail discounts to encourage the customer to buy the product by creating a sense of emergency.


Write blogs on different products, tell the story behind the design, manufacturing, and quality. People love to know more about the products they are using.


Accept Local & International Payments

We provide all major payment integrations, National and International to accept payment in any currency from any part of the world. VISA, Master, and American Express payment options are available.

Sell in All Major Currencies

Accept payment in all major world currencies. Simply enter your price in your local currency and Nijin will auto-convert it in all major currencies.

Multiple Payment Options

Ninjin store is integrated with various payment options for both offline and online payments. You can easily accept payment via credit/debit card, net banking, COD, food coupons, bank transfer, pickup from the store, etc.

Support For 10+ Gateways

Integrate your favorite payment gateway with your Ninjin store. We have 10 + Indian and International payment gateway integration such as InstaMojo, CashFree, EBS, CC Avenue, Pay U, PayPal, Strip, 2Checkout Airpay, Paytm, & more.

GST & Other Taxes

Add GST, and other Taxes Easily. You can either set tax above price or let Ninjin reverse calculate the appropriate tax amount for the all-inclusive price of the product. Its simple, it just works!


Shipping simplified

With our automated shipping solution, you can process orders quickly, print packing slips and generate a pickup in minutes.

Shipment status notifications

With Ninjin SmartAlerts update your customers about the progress of their order, from dispatch till delivery, via SMS and email. All this automated and hassle-free.

Shipping Rules

Provide free shipping or charge for it, you can set different shipping rules based on various factors such as total cart value, delivery zone, etc. Apply these rules easily using your KartRocket admin panel.

Smart Reports

Performance reports

Leverage insightful sales information to grow your business with Nijin SmartInsights. SmartInsights is intelligent report builder for you to learn more about your sells and customers.

Inventory report

Stay updated and watchful about your product inventory with Inventory report. Set automated alerts when a stock drops to specific quantity for a product.

Product reports

Learn how your products are doing, which one is selling more, which need sells boost. Which product is favorite among which group of customers and selling more in which session of the year? Nijin SmartInsights reports helps you to make informed decisions.

Traffic reports

Ninjin Stats, help you to understand about your consumer behavior based on their product browsing and purchase history. This vital information helps SmartInsights reports helps you to make informed decisions for your sales and promotion activities.

Google Analytics

You can integrate Google Analytics with Ninjin story easily and learn in-depth about your web traffic and google ranking. Another essential tool while you are working on SEO for your store.


Mobile Optimized Site

Today majority population of the world use mobile as their primary device & so should your business. Nijin Store by default generates a responsive site that works on all mobile devices so that your customer will have a consistent and enjoyable experience all devices.

Mobile dashboard

Manage your Nijin Store on the go with the Mobile Dashboard app. Access your stores admin panel from anywhere and add new products, process orders, manage inventory, track orders, etc.

Customer Care

The customer is so simple and easy with Nijin Store, take your business wherever you go. With customer support app you can solve all queries and problems in minutes. A Happy customer brings more cutomers!

Hosting & Domain

Branded Domain

It's your store; it's your brand, you should have your domain name for it. Use your existing domain name or book with us and give the branded domain to your storefront.

Branded Email Ids

Using non-branded emails like Gmail or Hotmail, just don't create credibility for you. Use branded email hosted on your domain name.

Web Hosting & Bandwidth

We offer unlimited hosting space and bandwidth for free as long as you don't misuse or abuse our platform. We like good people to use the excellent platform to provide amazing products to their customers. No limits set for serious business.

Daily backups

With Ninjin Store you dont need to worry about your data as our software will automatically backup your data and information. This data can be restored quickly at the time of emergency

99.99% uptime

We guarantee it, it's by default, no? All Ninjin Stores have virtually no downtime and the best loading times. We take stringent efforts to keep our servers up and secured.

SSL certificate

When you signup with Nijin you get SSL certificate installed ed website and keep your information secure for online transactions. And the great news is KartRocket has made it easier to avail SSL certification and make your website well-protected from internet threats.

24/7 Support

Dedicated support team

You have dedicated support team when face problem. Your queries will be solved in lest possible time 24/7.

Help Center

Our help center has 100s of explanatory videos and other resources to get you when you need it most.

FAQ & User Manuals

In addition, we have a comprehensive bank of FAQ and KnowledgeBase, to ensure you have all information you may need to run your Nijin store without any problems.

Free updates!

One more thing, With Ninjin you will also get updates without ever paying for them! It also means you can rest assured that your online store is automatically updated with the latest in trend.