Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mikan CRM?

Mikan CRM is the easiest & simplest customer relationship management (CRM) software for SMEs, Small Businesses and freelancers.

How much does Shimbi Mikan CRM cost?

Incredibly low! We suggest you to check our pricing page instead of wasting time imagining it!

Who can use Shimbi Mikan CRM?

Mikan CRM software is for SME, Small Businesses and Freelancers. Professionals and business all over glob use Mikan CRM for effectively capturing and nurturing leads. Smartly converting leads to business and managing the customer relationship.
It's simple, effortless and free!

What is the required area of expertise for using Shimbi Mikan?

Nothing! Mikan CRM is so easy to use. Just simple computer skills and general sales and marketing knowledge that is all, which you have already.

What are the benefits of Mikan CRM?

There are many of them! We are listing here only a few of them –

How to get started?

Start using now, its totally FREE for 100 contacts, unlimited leads.

What if I am stuck and I need help?

We believe that Mikan CRM is so easy to use that you will not need any help, but just in case you need we are always with you!

Here are few ways of getting in touch with us -

Why only Mikan CRM and not any other CRM software?

Mikan is specially designed keeping in mind your business requirements. It's Simple, Powerful yet Affordable!

Most Simple and Most Affordable CRM in the market, specially designed for SME, Small Businesses and Freelancers. Mikan CRM ensures you remain focused on business growth nothing else. Its take cares of your entire sales process efficiently.

Can I customise Mikan CRM for additional requirements?

We tried our best to cover the most required and used features that SME, Small Businesses and Freelances may require. Through settings and options pages you can configure CRM to a certain extent for your business.
If you have any specific queries, we will be happy to answer; please contact us.

Can we capture unlimited leads?

Yes! You can store unlimited leads for each contact. If the FREE plan, you can add up to 100 contacts and one user. This limit is lifted in our paid plan.

You have a question not answered here, contact us, we will be happy to answer it.